Guiding women to break the chains of limitation & self-doubt so they can be free in their truest essence.


I believe that a woman’s darkness is a gateway into her very own light. When she opens herself up to the internal work of this transmutation, her fears & limitations become her power & freedom. It is my mission in this lifetime, to empower women to break the chains of limitation & self-doubt so they can discover their inner radiance and be free in their truest essence.

This empowering 1:1 12 week mentorship is broken down into six chapters which provide a safe & supportive space for women to understand themselves deeper, release their internal blocks, rewrite their story, and reclaim their power so they can experience the freedom they deserve.

I have experienced first hand, the dense darkness one can fall into, and the ways we can feel blocked from breaking free from it. Facing my own battles of self destruction & various addictions for over 10 years has been the catalyst to accessing the internal freedom I embody today. I have condensed my own experiences, processes, and wisdom into a 12 week transformational journey for others to do the same.

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"My work with Chelsea has brought me so much clarity on how I view myself and the world around me. She has lead me from my darkness into my light, and taught me that everything I need is within me."

This program is for you if...

  • You struggle with feeling like you are not enough.
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and have a strong desire to discover who you truly are, and love who she is from the inside, out.
  • Your life has been written by societies timelines & others expectations & you are ready to rewrite your story.
  • You long for spiritual growth and connection to something greater, while staying grounded in the human experience.
  • You are currently involved in work that drains you and you are ready to align with your purpose.
  • You are stuck in cycles of people pleasing & want to feel confident in putting yourself first.
  • You are involved in things and behaviors that do not serve you (relationships, career, numbing out, etc.) & are ready to harness the courage to let go. 
  • You settle for things that feel comfortable, yet unfulfilling because fear blocks you of what is truly possible, & you long for something much greater.
  • You struggle to speak up for yourself and set healthy boundaries in relationships & want to feel empowered in doing so.
  • You depend on external validation to feel enough, but you long to feel good from within and stand firm in your power.
  • You are ready to break the chains of limitation, turn your pain into power, & experience freedom from within.

If this speaks to you, I created the Into The Light Mentorship just for you, love!

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"Chelsea has helped me redefine what it means to be authentic. Finding the ability to explore every mountain & valley in our inner being and having the skills to understand their value & purpose is critical work. This work is the ultimate act of self love."

What will I receive?


My Six Chapter Method will provide you with a safe & supportive space for you to understand yourself deeper, release internal blocks, rewrite your story, and reclaim your power so you can live in the freedom of your truest essence.

1:1  S U P P O R T

You will have weekly 1:1 coaching calls with Chelsea for 60 minutes, and unlimited access to text & voice memo her six days per week for continued guidance and support.

O N L I N E   P O R T A L

You will have access to an online portal that releases new content for you every week within the different Chapters of the Program. This weekly flow enforces a steady pace for your growth, and allows you to fully anchor in to whats alive for you each week.

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"My work with Chelsea has allowed me to completely own my voice in a very powerful way because I have learned to love & value this part of myself that was held back for so long."

What is the Method?


Chapter One: Root

In this Chapter, you open the very first page to the narrative of your transformational journey.  Here, you will lay the foundations of your transformation by rooting into the clarity of your intentions, the vision you hold of your life, and the energy of your most authentic self. This chapter is opened & sealed from your heart space with sacred self devotion and a special virtual sisterhood opening ceremony. 


Chapter Two: Recalibrate

Chapter Two invites you into a full reset from the outside, in. Through clearing space, implementing daily rituals, and living in alignment, you will start showing up as a higher vibration of you. This reset, and recalibration is what creates the space for you to feel energized, alive, and open to the reflections and processes of chapter three. 


Chapter Three: Reveal

Chapter Three welcomes you into deep reflection of your past, and discovery of yourself. You will be held so deeply, as we explore your conditioning, fears, & limiting beliefs. Bringing to light the shadows of your past & present experiences, will bring clarity to why you are the way you are. The darkness & light revealed in this chapter is what allows you deeper awareness of yourself, that you will carry for the rest of your life.


Chapter Four: Release

This Chapter holds the space for you to let go & release all that no longer serves you. You will be offered tools to experience and feel your emotions in a healthy way, connect to your inner child for deep healing, practice the art of forgiveness, and cut the cords of any attachments that are blocking you from your truth. We will come together in virtual sisterhood for a powerful release ceremony.


Chapter Five: Reclaim

This Chapter is a reclamation of your confidence & power. You will be guided to lead with love as you deepen, or rekindle the relationship to your physical body, welcome in self acceptance, and open the powerful channel of your voice through expressing your needs and setting boundaries. 


Chapter Six: Rise

In this final chapter you will integrate your reflections, revelations & practices, and actively embody the light of your truest essence. This is a time of celebration! We will come together in virtual sisterhood to bring the Into The Light container to a powerful close.

If you are ready to emerge into the light of your Highest self...

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